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High-level international conference “World Treasury of Mother Tongues: Nourish and Cherish. National and International Contexts, Policies and Practices to Preserve Indigenous Languages” will take place on 5–7 July 2022 in Moscow, Russian Federation


The event is convened by the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Programme (IFAP) and Interregional Library Cooperation Centre in partnership with UNESCO IFAP Intergovernmental Council, as well as a number of national and international scientific, cultural and educational organizations, IT companies, civil society institutions, language activists.


The conference will take place every two years within the framework of the Plan of major events within the International Decade of Indigenous Languages in Russia in 2022–2032, approved by the RF Government Decree of February 9, 2022 No. 204-r.


Igor Barinov, head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs of the Russian Federation, believes that “holding a forum of such a level is our common contribution to the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. The issues to be discussed are topical and relevant to everyone involved in the preservation of languages and maintenance of linguistic diversity both on a regional and global scale.”


This year, the interdisciplinary conference will bring together some 150 prominent international experts from more than 50 countries representing all geographic regions of the world. 

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