IFAP Russian Committee

The Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Program was established in 2000 on decision of the Russian Commission for UNESCO from December, 15, and in compliance with recommendations of the Intergovernmental Council for the Information for All Program to link it with Russia. Committee members represent government agencies, educational, research, cultural and communication establishments, public organizations and commercial companies.
Fields of the Russian IFAP Committee activities: 
  • Participation in the formation of national and international policies in building the information society and knowledge societies
  • Participation in the work of UNESCO and IFAP constitutional organs
  • Promotion of the UNESCO information and communication policy in Russia and other CIS countries
  • Information exchanges and the promotion of partnership with national and international agencies in other countries
  • Promotion of the creation, preservation and circulation of socially important content
  • Promotion of progress of the system of access to information and freedom of expression
  • Circulation of Russian-language information about global trends in building the information society and UNESCO activities.
The Interregional Library Cooperation Center, an interregional public organization, is the working body of the Russian IFAP Committee since 2007.

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