The website of the Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Programme offers basic UNESCO documents and laws of the Russian Federation pertaining to the fields of IFAP competence. It also offers IFAP and basic WSIS documents. International documents are classified according to Programme priorities: information literacy, preservation of information, and the ethical, legal and social consequences of using the ICT.
The English-language website of the IFAP Secretariat contains the following documents pertaining to IFAP activities:
  • The working papers and reports of Council sessions and IFAP Bureau meetings
  • Resolutions and decisions of the UNESCO General Conference and Executive Board
  • Documents pertaining to thematic debates organized by UNESCO
  • Other IFAP documents: publications, brochures, presentations, etc.
 You have problems retrieving a document you need? Use the UNESCO Headquarters portal (in Russian, only for the retrieval of documents published after 2003). The resource enables you to retrieve bibliographic records and unabridged texts of UNESCO documents, publications and periodicals, as well as bibliographic records of UNESCO Library acquisitions.